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Why Use Licensed Roofers

Why Use a Licensed Contractor ?

Purchasing a new roof can be a substantial investment and a very important investment that will pay dividends far into the future by keeping your home dry in the worst weather. That is, IF it is installed properly by a qualified professional. Of course, we would like you to choose GLENDALE ROOFING  as your roofing professional, but before you choose anyone, please look over the following information.

Roofing contractors are required by Arizona to have a contractor’s license. To qualify for this license, the contractor must have insurance to protect you, their installers and the general public. Hiring a non-licensed installer could spell disaster for you and your family. You could be liable for any damage the installer does, either to your property or to others & you could be liable for any injuries he or one of his helpers sustains while on your job. After nearly 50 years in the roofing industry, we have encountered countless horror stories involving unlicensed installers. 

Of course, we would prefer you allow us to take care of your roofing needs, but if you cannot choose us, choose a licensed roofing contractor to give peace of mind for you and family!


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